St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church
Merrillville, Indiana
St. Nicholas Apostolate

The outreach group to the needs of others at St. Michael Church was placed under the protective care of St Nicholas, patron saint of the Byzantine Catholic Church, who exhibited outstanding works of charity. His life is used as a means of inspiration to all the faithful, who in turn commit themselves to the Apostolate of St. Nicholas.

The Apostolate is a lay outreach ministry composed of members 18 years of age and up, and a parishioner of St. Michael Church. Its purpose is to put the demands of Gospel spirituality into practice by reaching out to those in physical and/or spiritual need. Assistance through the Apostolate is given to members of the parish, other Byzantine Catholic and the general public. Assistance to the general public and the unchurched is promoted in order to increase awareness of the Byzantine Catholic Church and it’s spirituality, working towards the “evangelization” of the local community as a whole.

The organization meets several times a year as needed. It conducts three or four fund raising events a year that allows them to continue their ministry to others.

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